about us

Gloria and Gloria Junior are two teams for gymnasts that want to compete at a high level in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.

We are committed to making Gloria teams successful by collaborating between clubs, parents, gymnasts, and fans.

We promise that if you engage with Gloria teams, you will see the sport of AGG in a different light and enjoy it like never before.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The environment necessary to be competitive in AGG requires substantial resources. Unfortunately, these resources are not possible in traditional amateur sports.

Volunteers and hobbyists run most gymnastics clubs, and they do a fantastic job at it. While their contribution is invaluable, it can’t provide the best gymnasts with a platform that helps them reach higher goals.

Many gymnasts have the wish and the potential to succeed in gymnastics. Still, potential alone is not enough if a supporting infrastructure isn’t there.

In Gloria teams, we provide gymnasts with optimal training conditions thanks to the collaboration of several clubs.

Our overall objectives are:

  – To develop each gymnasts’ skills to the best of their possibilities.

  – To strengthen gymnasts’ knowledge about what becoming an elite athlete implies.

  – To foster a positive competitive mindset and work ethic among gymnasts and coaches.

  – To support gymnasts in the pursuit of higher education while still participating in competitive gymnastics.

  – To set up a sustainable training model in the children’s teams for a future career path in Gloria teams.

  – To increase the number of physically well-prepared athletes and reduce the number of injuries that plague the sport.

  – To engage in the promotion of competitive AGG through modern marketing and professional use of social media platforms.

So that this is possible, four different Finnish clubs from the Helsinki area are cooperating: Attitude Sports, Elise, Pakilan Voimistelijat and Tapiolan Voimistelijat.

All these clubs have gathered all the resources available to start this project and offer the best coaching and support for Gloria gymnasts.

We invite you to join Gloria teams, leave behind all your limiting beliefs and enjoy a new and better way to relate to the sport of AGG.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to joing Gloria teams but I don't know if I am good enough. Should I contact you anyway?

Yes! Let the coaches talk with you before you judge yourself. Many gymnasts are better than they think and can do very well if they have a positive, hard-working attitude and have mastered basic gymnastics skills previously.

Do I need to belong to any of the clubs that support Gloria to apply for the team?

No! You can join regardless of what team or club you come from.

Can I apply for Gloria in the middle of the season?

Yes! You do not have to wait for the season to end to join Gloria or Gloria junior. We welcome new gymnasts at any point of the year.

Where do Gloria and Gloria junior teams practice?

Practice takes place in different halls in the greater Helsinki area.

How much does it cost?

Gloria women’s team is free of charge. Gloria junior price depends on the season. Please send us an email to know the details.